As you have now noticed, the range of various Boillies is very large, but Xtra Baits believes that our boilies can offer something extra, without losing out or shortchanging other suppliers. All our mixes are carefully composed, taking into account the correct ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber. The latter in particular is very important for the carp's digestive process. If the fish digests the food well, it will experience this positively and will eat the food faster next time and with more confidence. Our experience in the food sector of over 35 years has been brought together to create a natural and good product that carp love. Xtra Baits offers you a wide range of Freezerbaits, Readymades, Particles, Liquids, Dips and Pop-Ups. Convince yourself of our bait products, which are made with enthusiasm and passion!

Our team 

Why choose Xtra Baits:

Quality at competitive prices

Freshly made every day All boilies

have been tested to the limit.

Boilies available in many diameters

Vacuum sealing service NVWA certified

Various collection points in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium Fast shipping.


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